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iNet CRM


    We offer over 30 pre-built integrations but if you don't see an application you are looking for, no problem ask the iNet Team about adding your specific CRM. The best part, our CRM integration list is open-sourced so as other companies using our platform add integrations it benefits the community. Some of our pre-built include Salesforce, Zoho, Insightly, Microsoft Teams and many more.

    Having CRM VoIP integration can be a significant boost for your business, especially if the integrations that you use make your day-to-day operations much more productive. With the right CRM VoIP integrations, your system will take information from the two platforms and use them together. Let’s explore some of the benefits that your company can experience.

    Enables One-Click Calling

    One-click calling puts all of the critical information on the same screen and allows you to see it while making the call. Information like the best time to reach them and what was said on the last interaction will all be available for agents to see on the CRM application. When they are ready to make the call, it’s as simple as pressing a button.

    Updates Customer Data in Real-Time

    Some CRM integrations can be real time such as Salesforce or Zoho. After every interaction, the database needs to be updated before the next call to be made or received. CRM integration populates the interaction directly, updating the customers information so its readily available for next time they call.

Voice / Hosted PBX


Hosted PBX provides all of the features of a modern small office PBX with the convenience and scalability of a remotely hosted, fully-managed cloud solution.


By combining local and long distance services with a computer network, your business can simplify its communications infrastructure to a single platform.


No matter the size of your business, iNet provides full access to features and professional functionality.


  • Auto Attendant
  • Unlimited calling in U.S. and Canada
  • Hunt/Call Group
  • Conferencing
  • Web Portal
  • Caller ID
  • Voicemail-to-email
  • E911
  • Call Park
  • Call Transfer


  • ACD Queue
  • Find-me-follow me
  • Call Recording
  • Receptionist Attendant Console
  • Web/Video Conferencing
  • Call Center features
  • Meeting Manager


  • Significant cost reductions
  • Increased network efficiency, privacy, and security
  • One connection capability
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Never buy a PBX again! Disaster recovery, redundacy


By moving POTS lines to Hosted Voice, you will improve your bottom line without the inconvenience of a complete telecom overhaul. iNet's Hosted Voice offering leverages our state-of- the-art VoIP network to translate digital voice for an analog device. This POTs emulation technology gives you the full suite of features found in traditional POTs lines, but at a significant cost savings. Integrated analog and digital voice, as well as data service, can be provided over a single circuit. A robust SIP gateway and router make connectivity seamless and reliable.


  • Local and Long Distance Calling
  • Caller ID e911
  • Directory Listing and Assistance


  • Competitive savings
  • Use existing equipment
  • Billed at existing long distance rates

SIP TRUNKING (Session Initated Protocol)

SIP eliminates the need to buy separate voice and data circuits. Simple connections with the Internet or private IP infrastructure gives your business more options and less dependency on hardware, effectively managing both data and voice needs. iNet's SIP product line offers a full range of access options and interoperability with most leading IP-PBX systems.


  • Local and Long Distance Calling
  • Caller ID e911
  • Directory Listing and Assistance


  • Competitive savings
  • Use existing equipment
  • Billed at existing long distance rates


(Inbound and Outbound Virtual Faxing)

iNET's vFax solution provides huge cost savings, and has a 99.99 percent success rate. Whether your fax document contains dense text with embedded images or you want to send it as a Word doc, PDF or JPG, our TDM-connected platform is fast and reliable. You can choose whether to fax via email or from our web portal.


  • Fax Web Portal, access from anywhere
  • Ability to send faxes to multiple email addresses
  • Formats faxes as a PDF file that fits most computer and smart phone screens
  • Online fax storage


  • TDM Network (not fax over Voice over IP)
  • Very Competitive Fax rates
  • Keep your existing numbers, or order new numbers
  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Compatibility

Business-Class Data


Broadband Internet access is ideal for small and mid-size businesses such as retailers that need a connection for point of sale (POS) equipment. iNet offers a variety of broadband speeds and technologies that allow for bandwidth flexibility and scalability in real time. Asymmetrical and symmetrical speeds ranging from 1Mbps to 300 Mbps download and 1 Mbps to 300 Mbps upload.



Cable broadband is a method of delivering high-speed Internet to residences and businesses using cable television infrastructure. Similar to DSL, fiber, and fixed wireless connections, cable bridges the "last mile" between the mainstream Internet "backbone" and customer residences.

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

DSL is a wireline transmission technology that transmits data faster over traditional copper telephone lines already installed to homes and businesses. DSL-based broadband provides transmission speeds ranging from several hundred Kbps to millions of bits per second (Mbps).


Fibre broadband uses fibre optic cables, which are better at transferring data than standard copper cables. And by data, we're talking online gaming and streaming movies and music. Basically, you can do all the things you love on the internet faster.

DIA (Dedicated Internet Access)

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) provides a private, secure connection for any business. iNet has a Network Operating Center (NOC) manned 24/7/365 to manage these services. With a world class network and partnerships with leaders in the industry, iNET can offer a unique and diversified solution. Guaranteed bandwidth, ranging from 1.5 Mbps up to 10 Gbps, provides scalability and reliable performance.


Ethernet Over Copper

Ethernet over copper (also known as EoC) is a form of Ethernet in the first mile connection that uses twisted pair copper telephone wire.

Asymmetrical Ethernet Over Copper

Asymmetric Ethernet (AEoC) uses one or two phone cables to deliver service.

Fast Ethernet

Fast Ethernet is an extension of the 10 megabit Ethernet standard.

Gigabit Ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet (GbE or 1 GigE) is the term applied to transmitting Ethernet frames at a rate of a gigabit per second.


Wavelength Service is a large bandwidth connection providing high-speed Internet or data service delivered over lit fiber-optic lines.

MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching)


iNet MPLS product offering provides the same customer service and bill consolidation benefits as all of our other services, while providing secure and affordable options for clients with more complex communication needs.


Our meshed MPLS backbone network consists of co-location facilities in multiple states consisting of redundant circuits provided by different carriers. Unlike in a standard MPLS network infrastructure, where all locations must be on the same provider network, iNet’s meshed network allows for combining links from different providers. We are able to offer our meshed MPLS network due to our long-standing agreements and interconnections with underlying local loop providers, as well as our multiple Network-to-Network Interfaces (NNIs), which allow enhanced quality across different carriers.


Web and Video conferencing online collaboration, screen sharing, recording options, chat functions, change presenter, application sharing, remote access to computer.


  • Screen Sharing
  • Multi-Platform Solutions
  • White Board


  • Enjoy the benefits of Unified Communications
  • Offer Covid-19 Safe Alternatives
  • Convenient for any-sized Organization



iNET provides carrier-class Wholesale Termination services to a wide array of customers over our robust global network covering rate centers in the contiguous United States, Hawaii, Canada and the US territories. We terminate local, interstate and intrastate voice calls as well as national and international calls.


  • Flexible interconnection options including both public and private SIP or TDM connectivity to any of iNET’s POI’s (Point of interconnects) across the United States.
  • Customized pricing – Flat rate, rate by jurisdiction, rate deck by NPA-NXX
  • Dedicated or Switch termination
  • Intelligent Routing – LCR (Least Cost Routing), Time of Day, Preminum


iNET’s dedicated 8YY Service offers competitive per minute rates utilizing direct trunks via TDM or SIP connectivity. iNET 8YY service ensures accurate and timely delivery to the Interexchange carrier (IXC) responsible for terminating the call.

iNET offers a full suite of enhanced routing features including:

  • Geographic Routing
  • Geographic Blocking
  • US, Canada and the Caribbean

Dedicated Internet

iNET's relationships with industry-leading carriers ensure congestion-free transmissions across state of the art network backbones. We offer both Manage and Unmanaged service with industry leading Service Level Agreements negotiated with our customers' needs in mind.


iNET offers the full scope of network options, including:
  • T1 and NxT1
  • DS-3
  • OC3, OC12, OC48
  • Fast Ethernet


iSecure, Reliable Point-to-Point Connections. Private lines remain the workhorse for point to point data connectivity. Whether connecting enterprise locations, connecting enterprises to the Internet or interconnecting data centers, private line solutions remain the technology of choice for businesses in search of reliable, secure data communications services.

Advanced benefits of a private line solution include:

  • No limitations due to network congestion
  • Guaranteed throughput
  • No restrictions based on time of day or day of the week Constant and predictable latency
  • A secure, dedicated channel
  • A predictable price without usage based variations.

iNET makes private line solutions easy through:

  • Ease of installation through the coordination of a iNET project manager
  • High quality networks from RBOC and regional network carriers nationwide
  • Simplified repair processes with a single point of contact
  • Flexible billing options that allow multiple lines to be grouped on a single invoice
  • Private Line offered: T1 (DS1) T3 (DS3), OCx, FE and GigE

iNet SMS


    Most business owners understand that SMS is a valuable part of the lead acquisition and/or customer engagement process, and many already use it. But today, most SMS communication is done with a business manager’s personal mobile device, and is not integrated with the businesses phone system.

    iNet SMS brings the ability to integrate SMS communications with a business’s PBX and other internal systems. In the future, not having the ability to communicate with customers using Business SMS will be the equivalent of not having company email or a company website.

TEAMS Integration

.: Coming Soon :.

Wireless & Mobility


  • Wireless Wide Area Network
  • Mobility Device Management
  • SD Wan
  • 5G Connectivity
  • Device and Accessories
  • International Pricing

Cyber Security

Network-Based Firewall

  • Enterprise-grade network security performance and availability
  • Multi-layered security for comprehensive protection
  • Added control for management simplicity and faster time to market
  • Increased agility for IT services delivery and reduced capital
  • Enterprise-grade network security performance and availability
  • Multi-layered security for comprehensive protection
  • Added control for management simplicity and faster time to market
  • Increased agility for IT services delivery and reduced capital

Internet Of Things

  • Point of Sales

  • Connected Car

  • Digital Signage

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